Selasa, 18 Desember 2012


hey peoples!

umm, this day is so sunny day hahahahah even tought in my country don't have a summer but i feel it today :D
btw, my cousin has come and we're planned for lunch together. we're gone and when we back, we have an awesome idea for take photoshoot today hahahahahahah like usually, @popirmdhnt always be here when i need her to take my photos :D
i found my old corcets, it's so bigger than my body now. but whe i'm used it i feel comfy and i think it's good for photosession today. for bottom, i wear my old skirt too. ya, i bought it at secondhand market in my city.  but it's so so so good condition.
and i remember about my black bowler hat, i think to used it too for this time :D
for shoes, i used my new platform by Adorable Project Indonesia in my last post i has told you if i really love my new shoes. this shoes is so adorable and make me comfy. i put my cute shocks in it. and i think it's cute :D
next, my eyewear without glasses is so vintage i think. the shape is cirlce and make my face so dumby :D
over all, i love my look today. don't forget to say thank you for my little angel Poppy Ramadhanti has taken this photos so so so awesome! \m/ :D


with photographer of the day @popirmdhnt <3

4 komentar:

  1. Hi dear nice bustier and skirt!

    BTW you are my nominiees LIEBSTER AWARD
    check on my blog dear :D

  2. love your bustier so much! the whole outfit is a perfection!

  3. Wowww really grate looks love you!!!
    Offer))) Let`s be friends!
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