Minggu, 16 Desember 2012


today, i just wanna show you about my flower dress. yap, i'm wearing on this pict below. i bought this dress because i love a flower motif on it. it's so perfect and the color is PINK! my favorite color :D

but, this dress is too short and i must wearing a short pants in it. and now, i'm wearing my denim pants. next, i used my new shoes. i really love it. Marion Tan from Adorable Project Indonesia i really so happy when this shoes has come and i just shock and i said "wow, i love my new shoes!" :D

if you bought a shoes in Adorable Project Indonesia it's same meaning you has supported a  local brand. because, in there all of the shoes are handmade and original from Indonesia. or you can say 'Fresh From The Oven" :D

for accessories, i juts wear a necklace from my lovely store DonDon PonPon Shop it's a cool necklace with every detail and cute stuff in there. i love it. and i just wear a something stuff in my head. i don't know i should called it with what, but this stuff (look like  headband) it's a necklace! elastic pink necklace. i put in on my head and WALLA! it's look so perfect :D

photoshoot with Dini Pebrina
 photographer by Deky Omedi

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