Minggu, 11 November 2012

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

hey everybody! :))

today (its friday when i taken this photos) i just try to mix and match my new tops and my new skirt.. heheheh.. i love my tops because it have a holes in the shoulders. and i think its nice and unique. and then, about my skirt. its a new gift from my boyfriend. i really love it. umm, FYI the studdeds i'm using on my denim hole collar, i'm wearing it on the collar by myself. hahahah, and i'm proud of it :)) next, i'm using my favorite shoes, i called it Black Boots. i love and love and loooooveeeee this boots so much. you know why? because i bought it with 50K (rupiah) in a secondhand market at my town. and you must to know if this secondhand market selling a kind of stuffs like tops, bottoms, bags and shoes. no no no, i'm forget.. this secondhand market is selling everything what you need too! because this secondhand market place is near from the traditional market. so, me and my friends (sometimes my boyfriend) usually visited this place for searching a unique stuffs and more. we (my friends & my boyfriend) really like and love (absolutely) this place! because, in this place, a piece of tops just 1000K (rupiah) and 5000K (rupiah) or highly price just 25000K (rupiah) and sometimes, a stuffs from material leather just (+-) 100000K (rupiah). yaya, its just how you can bargaining with the seller. if you can bargaining with the 'okay price' you can bring what you want there. simple :))

 geometric skirt with nude color <3

wings ring. its have a doubles ring. its my new stuffs. and look, how i love my orange neon in my nails! <3

its my favorite photo in this photosession this time :)

ha! i'm proud of this studdeds because i'm wearing into y collar by myself! B-) :D

 hey, look at my ears. its my new earring. ya, its a feather blue earrings! <333

my favorite shoes! its a boots, but have a heels. so, its time to myself for want to be boyish or girly style! :D

photographer of the day : @popirmdhnt

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  1. love ur top dear :D
    btw i already rep ur message on lookbook :D

    would u like to follow each other dear :D?


    1. wow thanks a lot dear :)

      Maaf yah belom sempet buka lookbook abisnya belom isi paket buat modem beb ini aja lewat web hape ku hahahahah -_- :D

      Follow @piaarapev as my official twitter and I'll follow you back, sweetie pie :)

      Thanks ♥