Sabtu, 01 September 2012

Android Dancer as a 2nd winner at Jamtos Birthday - 'Dance Competition'

on 28 August and yesterday, my team dance "Android Dancer" followed the dance competition by Jambi Town Square (Jamtos) to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Jamtos. Android Dancer gets 2nd winner in this competititon. and for the 1st and 2nd winner will be awarded to the show as a tribute at the ceremony opening the Summit anniversary Jamtos the 2nd birthday on Wednesday the 29th. and the guest star is Cherrybelle. this photo was taken when I was behind the stage to await the time we called and prepare before Android Dancer perform :)

with bang Dharu (right), announcer from EB fm Jambi. his a blogger too! check it out HERE :)

Congrats for Android Dancer! <3

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  1. that's so cool to be a dancer and become famous! i like your make up and vest :)

    1. wow so thank you sekar :)
      i'm so glad if you like my new posy, dear <3