Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

Orange and Black

today was a sunny day. very bright so that makes me think to do a photoshoot today with my younger sister, Tata and Viona. dominant color that I use are orange and black. I was wearing sleeveless tank with illustrated colorful animals. then I use the black skirt underneath the bumpy side end control showing the impression that skirt frilly-lace. as usual, any use or mini skirt dress, I've always used stocking :) I really-berry love stocking! I add obi belt as a sweetener. then I put on a new pair of shoes were bought by my super mommah, orange platform. that's very cool and awesome! Thanks my super mommah *kiss&hug&much&more* xoxo! this shoes were colored with the dominant colour of other, orange. and I wear the postman bag with orange color too! :) I really like the combination of colors this time. for accessories, I just wear a necklace chain-shaped gold-colored spider, ring chains that has 2 holes (double rings), monster ring and it's a unique ring because this ring can make my middle finger full and then gold rings for my initial name, S for Sylvia :) for make up, I only use powder Maybelline natural, black eyeliner, and as a final touch, I wear red lipstick that made me feel sexy! LOL :D

(in some of the pictures I've seen flying or hovering! I really like these photos)

a new shoes from my super mommah! biggy thanks :*

with my lill sister, Tata :

  I've seen flying or hovering!

now, S isn't for Superman again! now, S for Sylvia :) :D

with my lill sister, Viona :)

 I've seen flying or hovering again!

 I've seen flying or hovering again and again!

biggy thanks for my lill sisters, Tata & Viona as a photographer today! muchos gracias :)

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