Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

Gold and Blue

I just bought a gold-colored pants. I'm very pleased with these pants. but, after I tried it turned out his pants and oversized side stands beneath it. but after I did some improvements here and there, be this kind of pants though kinda looks a bit hahahahah.. weird, but I feel confident when wearing it :) and inwear I was wearing animal print tank (leopard). animal print tank (leopard) is extremely flexible because it's made from material that's soft and comfortable. and, that makes animal print tank (leopard) can be used as special because it's superiors or the inner as I do this or it could be made into a mini dress. very multi function :)


what i wearing today :

  Blue Blazer by The Fashion Place
 Gold Pants by 88 Fashion
 Brown Vintage Wedges by Plain Lane

PHOTOGRAPHER by my Hilal Harahap


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