Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

FlashMob on Telanaipura by Smartfren (sunday-morning)

 happy sunday! sunday mornings are beautiful and I along with friends from Jambi City other dancers already had to depart from the house early in the morning. and we must have arrived at 7 o'clock on Telanai. I'm late (as usual) and luckily the show hasn't started yet. Sunday morning, at Telanaipura, Smartfren hold a bicycle event relaxed and FlashMob. know right what's a FlashMob? well, it just like as Mizone City Project that invites people to dance together :) when the song plays we've had to prepare the respective positions but we like don't know anything, and then finally we come to dance together and the longer the number of admission and join the dancer to dance more. fun and successful event took place. We managed to make notable people there following us to dance together and rollicking :) YEAAAAAHHHH!!!

it's done but not over! thanks for everyone has coming and watching us. and thanks like a million time for everybody want to dancing with us together. you all rock, guys! :)

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