Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

Dance Competition by Smartfren - part. II

WOW! again and again, Android Dancer as a champion in competition which in nonce is sponsoring by Smartfren "Anti Lelet". and FYI, Android Dancer is the first champion in this competition and defeated 2 b-boy team other participants from this competition dance. We're very pleased and proud of ourselves because we can prove to the b-boy and the other dancers that a female dancer could also go ahead and win against them. isn't this proof that the girl and boy is just the same degree? This is called the emancipation era :) and this documentation of the best moments in career of Android Dancer :)

battle dance! 1 battle team and one by one battle! our rival is Last Brother again. just like in a dance competition a few days ago and I post it there, right? hahahah!

JENG JENG JENG! This is the expected rations had since this is the time dance competition winners announced! and it's a list of the champion :
the 3rd champion is the Last Brother
runner-up (2nd) is JBC (Jambi B-boy Crew)
and, the 1st winner is ANDROID DANCER! :)

done and full of happy, proud, awesome, great! a blessing day! yeaaaahahahahahah.. O:)


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