Minggu, 29 Juli 2012



Today I take pictures with my best friends, Dini and Ema. There is really no specific plans to do photoshoot today, but because we are very bored, we take a camera, AND.........................................................it's our action in front of the camera to be like this! hahahahah.. as I note, it looks like these photos we display each character of each of our self. I love the vintage style, Dini like sexy style and ema who like stylish erratic hahahah.. Depending on the mood of her alone -_____- heheheh..

 what i used in my face :
  • Maybelline Powder by Maybelline in Make-Up
  • Black Eyeliner by MAC in Make-Up
  • Maskara by Maybelline in Make-Up
  • Red Lipstick by Revlon in Make-Up
what i wear in my hand (accesorries) :
  • Devil Ring and you can get this ring HERE :)
  • Double Chain Rings and you can get this ring HERE :)
  • Glitter Silver Iron Ring (sssttt, it's my couple rings with my boyfriend) hihihi :)
  • Pearl Chain Bracelet (and you know, actually it's a necklace) heheheh :)
  • Leopard Iron Bangles

it's a awesome day for us :)
thanks for sunshine!
thanks for weather!
thanks for everything today, God :)

Jumat, 27 Juli 2012


just wanted to share my latest photos with all of you readers of my blog :)
I hope you like the style that I show this time :)
and I'm also have a new look (new post) on my lookbook :)
fan and hype me here :)
I really hope you liked the style that I'm showed now :)
thank you! <3


Long-Hand Chiffon on Tops by HERMES
Red Twistcone on Skirt by JENNY
Orange Platform on Shoes by LOVE

PARTNER : Emchywz
PHOTOGRAPHER : Me and Emchywz
LOCATION : My Mini Castle