Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

YAMAHA -Street Dance Competition- part.II

According to an appointment yesterday, I will continue my post. now I will post a follow-up from Yamaha Street Dance Competition. in a second appearance in the final of this Android Dancer will dress up in costumes that are colorful and impressed as the street dance in general. and I will feature Android video Dancer as well in the final. Indeed the song and the coreography is a same, but the costume is very differently. here we go! :)


and this is a photo of Android Dancer appearance while being above a stage. We feel more energetic and powerfull at the time in the final. later I will introduce in this event who judges and photos when we receive a gifts as a 2nd winner. It doesn't matter what Android Dancer as a runners-up, as participants of the competittion we have to be prepared to lose and win. because in every competition there is sure to be a winner and a loser. right, guys? :) as it turns out, the value :) and we both just as the winner of a different number with first place. but it's okay, it's all a very valuable experience. isn't it a perfect experience is the teacher? :)


it's battle dance of : Android Dancer .vs. Last Brother. Last Brother as a 1st winner and Android Dancer as a 2nd winner. FYI, they're one of the break dance city of jambi. and they're also the bladder and their consorts are equally loved dance! how cool is that? ;)

next post it's all about a WINNER :) we're a 2nd winner and we're proud of you Android Dancer :)


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