Senin, 25 Juni 2012

YAMAHA -Street Dance Competition- part.I

on 23-24 June is a time where I followed a competition dance in one of the mall in my hometown. I along with 3 friends dance I am following the event and made it final in the competition. We got the numbers sort appear to 3. I really like the dance team appearances with me as it is very powerful and energetic when perform. This competition is organised by YAMAHA and is given the title Street Dance Competition. and we wear costumes to look like casual street dance in General. We wear white pants and sleeveless shirts are sized jumbo. in this post I will show the video footage from the team dance I namely ANDROID DANCER. and also I will show pictures when we fill the free time while waiting for our order numbers are called and photos as we acted on stage and shaking the mall. enjoy and please welcome, ANDROID DANCER :)

This video is first day of ANDROID DANCER perform. This is a video when qualifying round first competition. Because there was the final the next day. in music dance we this time, we displaying something different. Our music vary greatly, ranging from the up to date until the out of date. But the point is we tried to put everything and brave to different. Because we're favorite quotes is : ' brave to different to be cool'. Hahahahah! btw, pray for us to enter the final, guys :)


This is an important moment in my life. photos in the middle of the bustle in prepare for the competition and after the competition and take themselves to pose like this really fun: D

 my everything :*

 ANDROID DANCER on stage! shake it off, babeeeeehhhh!

 tomorrow I'm going to connect this to a two-part post. so please wait, sweetie :) hahahahah :D


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