Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Viona's birthday party - 6th

"happy birthday adek.. happy birthday adek.. happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday adeeeeekkkk"..


yesterday was the birthday of my cousin sister to 6th years. the event that we celebrate with simple. just attended by uncle and aunt (Vio mother & father), amel (first sister Vio), tata (a second sister Vio), popi (Vio cousin), and I (Vio oldest cousin). but my mother & father was unable to attend due to being set out and there are fore front in Jakarta, so they just say happy birthday over the phone. his show exclamation, which was still that little Viona very plain and don't know anything about the party we already sureprise prepare since early morning. the result is the face of innoucent that makes us all laugh because his expression of it. and it's photos anniversary Vio birthday and then photos of me, amel and popi, we'll never die style when it's dealing with the camera :D

 hello b'day girl, make a wish before you blow the candles on the cake, vio ;)
 the awesome (cup)cake for Viona's :)

 me with a cupcake and soooooooooo plain -____-
 what happened with your eyes, Vio? :D
the gifts! from me in the pink cute bag. XOXO!


-sister keeper -
-just shared and no offense-
-not available girls- *HAHAHAH*

 full of my girls! amew, pops, tatot, vioneng, me! mmmmmmwwwwwaaaaaahhhhh :*

 it's a big fan of Android Dancer, it's a Andromeda :)

 love cake, love me. hahahah!

love eye! #dankdankdank

 it's just like HEHEHEH -____-

let's choice, kiss me or i'll kiss you..................................baloon! :D

 me with my EUWH face! hahahahah..

 WOW! what is that?!'s just a baloon, dumby.

as information, which were displayed on the wall behind us it's not painting, it is money. It's not a fake money, but it's a real money. Yap, that's a genuine money zoomed size :)


finally, it's finished! and hopefully you like what I post, guys :)

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