Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

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Hello, fashion syndrome! Today I'm so glad because I've bought my mom a blazer that is very cool! with a motif pattern dominated by black and white. This blazer long hand and there are two pouches. This blazer is very soft and comfortable to wear. I am so happy and say 'THANK YOU MOM, YOU'RE THE BEST MOMMAH  IN THE WORLD' hahahah :D

and today, when I hang out with my friends, I see there's an CK watches and it's so awesome! I liked the watches and I bought it. this watches is so elegant, with black color and pearl sprinkles. beautiful :)

then I keep buying stuff -_- and last I also bought the ring. the ring is very nice and very make me fall heart because the model is very unique as well as the colour is very varied. When I put it on my finger, it's like a garden of flowers. because the ring is very full with flowers! hahahahah: D

 so cute, huh? xD

now I'll tell you a little about the collection of accessories that I have. most rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. I really like collecting accessories, same disdain dress, clothes or items that I like. I also love the shoes. especially wedges. but I'ill discussing about the collection of shoes and wedges in the next post yaaa :)

and this is a photo one by one of my rings collection :)

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