Minggu, 10 Juni 2012


This time I will lift thema b/w or Black and White, the color of the base that are commonly used and will never look outdated. These basic colors would be very appropriate if combined with accessories that match with this style.

 with this accesories, I'm blending it to b/w style to look increasingly chic but still not too much. simple but still stunning :)

These earrings I bought at Naughty, one of my favorite accessories store. one of the reasons that make I like this store because it's colour dominated of pink and also goods sold there is very nice stuff. one of these like my earrings :)

 This is a detail of the clothes I wear. and that looks like it was a collar tie is created with a model like that. very unique. that's what makes me love the outfit. and I add a white pearl necklace to look for this match but not very striking and disturbing impression black and white thema :)

This is a type of bracelet chain. colored gold and decorated with objects that favoured women as this accessories. I really love this bracelet because my super duper mommy has bought is for me :)

one of my favorite rings! I bought this when there are events in my city commemorating the birthday of Jambi. the ring is engraved gems and flowers upside down, then its Center decorated with a black stone that is very beautiful.

and lest the impression glamour persists, I am adding high heels black leather for I used. and coupled with black stocking to be my favorite thing to wear with a skirt, dress or shorts. I really like the black stocking because I don't really like if my feet directly visible when wearing mini clothes :)


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