Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

a day

There's not much for words spoken, but I would still like to blogging. but, without a sense of what's in photos of blog. This is it, the pictures in happy day with all those closest to me :)

touch up!


you're my life, my half soul and my half breath.. I love you with all my heart and I wish our love is forever.. because in truth, true love is that has no endings..

 once again..

 "a true love story, never ever have an endings" -SRP

Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

black and white and this and that

black and white and this and that

Jigsaw placket shirt
£98 - jigsaw-online.com

Minimum blazer
£85 - nelly.com

Miss Selfridge printed legging
$35 - missselfridge.com

Kelly Wearstler brass jewelry
$225 - forwardforward.com

Wooden bead jewelry
$7.99 - stylesforless.com

TIARA cz jewelry
$16 - hsn.com

Mesh necklace
$150 - endless.com

Christys panama hat
€69 - jades24.com

Mimco lip stick
25 AUD - mimco.com.au

Red Wine

black long-sleeved shirts and collared turtle is a awesome who I use when I went last Saturday night. and this with the crew I blend chiffon skirt and half-sized, it's not too maxi so it not too revealing my minus. yeah, i'm short! :( hahahahah! :D and I was wearing my favorite shoes, black shoes type semi-doc.mart platform. and I wear a necklace and ring as a sweetener how I look at the time. and I carry the big LV bag, because it's contents are is my stuffs when i'm travelling. it's such as make-up, comb, tissue, wallet and etc :)