Selasa, 18 Desember 2012


hey peoples!

umm, this day is so sunny day hahahahah even tought in my country don't have a summer but i feel it today :D
btw, my cousin has come and we're planned for lunch together. we're gone and when we back, we have an awesome idea for take photoshoot today hahahahahahah like usually, @popirmdhnt always be here when i need her to take my photos :D
i found my old corcets, it's so bigger than my body now. but whe i'm used it i feel comfy and i think it's good for photosession today. for bottom, i wear my old skirt too. ya, i bought it at secondhand market in my city.  but it's so so so good condition.
and i remember about my black bowler hat, i think to used it too for this time :D
for shoes, i used my new platform by Adorable Project Indonesia in my last post i has told you if i really love my new shoes. this shoes is so adorable and make me comfy. i put my cute shocks in it. and i think it's cute :D
next, my eyewear without glasses is so vintage i think. the shape is cirlce and make my face so dumby :D
over all, i love my look today. don't forget to say thank you for my little angel Poppy Ramadhanti has taken this photos so so so awesome! \m/ :D


with photographer of the day @popirmdhnt <3

Minggu, 16 Desember 2012


today, i just wanna show you about my flower dress. yap, i'm wearing on this pict below. i bought this dress because i love a flower motif on it. it's so perfect and the color is PINK! my favorite color :D

but, this dress is too short and i must wearing a short pants in it. and now, i'm wearing my denim pants. next, i used my new shoes. i really love it. Marion Tan from Adorable Project Indonesia i really so happy when this shoes has come and i just shock and i said "wow, i love my new shoes!" :D

if you bought a shoes in Adorable Project Indonesia it's same meaning you has supported a  local brand. because, in there all of the shoes are handmade and original from Indonesia. or you can say 'Fresh From The Oven" :D

for accessories, i juts wear a necklace from my lovely store DonDon PonPon Shop it's a cool necklace with every detail and cute stuff in there. i love it. and i just wear a something stuff in my head. i don't know i should called it with what, but this stuff (look like  headband) it's a necklace! elastic pink necklace. i put in on my head and WALLA! it's look so perfect :D

photoshoot with Dini Pebrina
 photographer by Deky Omedi

Rabu, 28 November 2012

Android Dancer on Djarum Super 16 at Jamtos (24-11-2012)

heyo guys! i wanna share my latest perfrom in Android Dancer at Jamtos on Surya 16 last week. its so gorgeos and full of people there. Android Dancer perform at 8PM and here we go! enjoy to read my post guys :)

 its Android Dancer perform! just shake the stage! :)

 with my best friend @ritonasution and my coach (and a leader of Android Dancer) @tesariojustin

 with my bestfriend @dinipebrina and a member of Android Dancer